Hashtag Spragg – Meet Kim

Name: Kimberly Spragg (Kim Scrag, Kimbo, Spraggles, Kimba)spragg headie

2016 Season Club: Rogue

Previous Representative History: U19s (2012), U23s (2013)


Kim was born in Switzerland and bred in Sydney. She started playing Ultimate in 2011, after being introduced to it by a high school teacher. She now plays as a handler for the University of Sydney women’s team and Sydney club team Rogue. She plays as a handler for the Firetails, but says she’s only been a full-time handler for just over a year.


“So, why did you make the decision to become a handler?”

I decided that if I wanted to make Firetails I’d have to be a handler. So I became a handler.

[Awks. Lucky she’s really good at it.]




“What made you want to be a Firetail?”

Well, I’m not sure that I remember a moment when I realised I wanted to try out for the Firetails. In 2012, during my junior’s campaign I trained with the local Firetails. I just started going along to all of their pods and everything. I never asked whether it was okay, I just started rocking up. And some of them really inspired me. And I think it just became a given that I wanted to try out for Firetails at that point. So I’ve been thinking about it and training towards it ever since.


“Who inspires you and what traits of theirs do you hope to embody?”

Two players that have always fired me up are Hammer and Gaby [previous Firetails Sarah Hammer and Gaby Melo]. I remember at juniors, KP (who was coach then, Karen Baker) did this mental strength exercise where you stream people who you want to play like. You choose someone you want to be able to play like- their style or something that they did- then you stream them and you go out and do what they did. At juniors I was always thinking of Hammer and Gaby and thinking ‘I want to play with their fire’. That really inspires me, that passion and ‘go-get’ attitude.

They are two of the people that can push me to work my hardest, because they scare me.


“What about Ash Martens? She’s really cool.”

I remember we were playing at a juniors training camp and some of the Melbourne Firetails came down to scrimmage against us and I was like ‘oh my god, those are the Firetails, I’m so nervous’. We were quite nervous. And I remember doing a layout bid on Ash. She scored but I got finger on it. After the game she came up to me and was like ‘that was sick’. I was like ‘oh my god, Ash Martens just told me what I did was cool!’. I’m stoked to be playing on the Firetails with her this time round.


fuji spragg


“You’ve come a long way since starting in 2011, which goes to show how much effort you’ve put into training. How do you fit frisbee into your lifestyle?”

I fit my life around Frisbee, not Frisbee around my life.


“Great answer. How are you feeling about London?”

I haven’t really thought about the actual tournament too much, I’ve been so focused on training. When I think about being on the field up against the best players in the world, sometimes I have moments where I just freak out. I’m taking it step by step at the moment- training hard and preparing the best I can. I trust that by the time I step onto the field at World’s that I will be ready.


“What have been the biggest challenges so far?”

The biggest challenges so far, I would probably say, was that I didn’t play World Clubs in 2014 or U23’s in 2015. I had a bit of FOMO, but I made the resolution that I didn’t have the time or money to play everything if I were to possibly play WUGC 2016. It was a risk, but it paid off.


“You’re the second youngest Firetail. Do you feel pressure being so young around all these ‘wizened’ Frisbee players?”

I don’t feel like age difference is a thing in this team. Everybody brings their own experiences and skill- it’s great to be surrounded by a whole bunch of talented players.


“Most importantly: Would you get a Firetails tattoo if we won World’s?”




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Interviewed by Adelaide Dennis.

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  • April 1, 2016 at 11:39 am

    Dear Kimberly,
    We are all excited by your job prospects when you finish your study. Where exactly at http://sydney.edu.au/handbooks/ did you say your course B.Ultimate Frisbee (Handler) is listed?

    • April 1, 2016 at 5:12 pm

      Dear Dad,
      Please contact my teammates Dr Martens and Dr Trenwith in regards to what job prospects their “B.Ultimate Frisbee” have provided them with.

  • April 1, 2016 at 4:52 pm

    reply to: Adrian (dad scragg)

    I have one those degrees too. it gets you places.

    dr ash martens mbbs(Hons), b.medsci, b.sci, b.ultimatefrisbee(hand)

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