Meet Breeza – aka “the floater”

Name: Bree Edgar (Breeza/Breebree)

2016 Season Club: Rogue

Previous Representative History: WUCC 2006 (mixed), WCBU 2007 (women’s), WUCC 2010 (mixed), U23’s 2010 (women’s), WUCC 2014 (women’s)


bree rogue“How did you learn to throw?”

When I first started playing Frisbee I was pretty lucky to learn from some really awesome throwers – Jonathan “Pottsy” Potts (Team Aus legend) and Brett Matzuka (USA mixed team player 2016). Brett and I used to throw 100 throws almost everyday at Uni. He taught me how to float the disc, how to throw better in the wind and with a mark. I tried to imitate his throwing style a lot!



“What made you want to play elite frisbee?”

When I started playing more women’s Frisbee I was in awe of a few of the AustralianBree dreamcup women’s team ‘legends’ from Queensland aka Sandra Poon, Jenny Beard, and Gen Healy. The thing that set these girls apart from others was their hunger and aggression to win the contest. At first it was scary to mark up on them but then it became a challenge. A few of the girls that I first started playing with (Maylin Chuah and Jenny Beard) are playing on the Flying Foxes (women’s masters team) so it will be great to have them along side us at WUGC and to scrimmage against them at our camps in the lead-up.


“What inspired you to want to be a Firetail?”

Every past or present Firetail that I have met has something about them. It’s a collective confidence, intelligence and greatness. It’s the way they carry themselves. The girls on our current team inspired me too – they are all such strong women with great talent. They have a level of perseverance that is needed for excellence in this sport and they don’t shy away from the contest. I really wanted to be part of #theflock.

“So you are dating a bit of a Frisbee legend – he has played on the Dingoes multiple times. What is it like to be one half of a great Frisbee couple?”

It’s pretty great really. The Gus-Guy (Angus Keenan) has been really supportive through the whole campaign. He gets excited when I come home from a training session and am really happy because I nailed some sweet throbree deews or I’m pumped because I did a killer sprints sesh. He understands that it can be hard to juggle Frisbee with life and he does a lot to help out. He also motivates me when I’m feeling like I don’t want to do anything. Sometimes he will come to the oval and do a set with me or he will sit on a bench and do work/yell encouragement while I run. What a dreamboat.

“What is your best Frisbee experience so far?”

There have been so many! 2010 was a pretty sweet year of Frisbee for me. I played WUCC for Smurf and then u23’s. On both of those teams I got to play with some really special people that I hold close to my heart. Some of my best friends played on the u23’s team, though unfortunately many of them don’t play Frisbee anymore. There are three girls from that team who are on our current Firetails team (Simone Ryan, Michelle Phillips & Cat Phillips) and we have an awesome friendship because of the memories from that campaign. I also got to play with another current Firetail (Shaz Trenwith) on the defense line for Smurf at WUCC in 2010 – so many memories!


Jo-Ho (John Horan, our Head Coach) has described you as the team chameleon. Can you tell me why?

Sure! We have certain lines in our team but I’m not on any of them! I don’t have a specific role either – I’m the floater! You will probably be seeing me play predominantly a handler role at WUGC but occasionally you might see me downfield cutting too. It’s a role that requires lots of flexibility and concentration to work with everyone. I’m there to do what the team needs me to do!

bree layout

Thanks Bree!