Welcome to the official webpage of the Firetails – the Australian Women’s Ultimate Team.

The team are preparing for the World Ultimate and Guts Championships in London, 18-25th June 2016.

To be a Firetail embodies a strong commitment to physical training, mental toughness and contribution to the team. Many aspire to join us. In the first phase of the journey, five selection events saw 22 women chosen from a strong and dedicated squad.

As with every journey worth taking, there will be highs and lows – moments of despair, reflection and illumination – and we hope to share them with you.

The team will develop, evolve and harden. Over the coming seven months, you will hear musings of the team and individual stories of trial and triumph. You can track our progress as we compete and strive to the highest level.

We are excited to see you – our fans, supporters and community – following us to join in the journey. The sacrifices will not be ours alone. Enjoy the ride!

Lifting for London. United. Keep watching.